A breakthrough new approach from the world’s leading experts in nutrition and digestive health
A breakthrough new approach from one of America’s most qualified nutrition experts
Gerard E. Mullin, MD, is a board-certified internist, gastroenterologist, and nutritionist and is Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also serves as Director of Integrative Gastroenterology Nutrition Services as well as a nutritionist at the Johns Hopkins Digestive Weight Loss Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Mullin has been featured on ABC News and Good Morning America and in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, Martha Stewart Living, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, and many others.

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If you’ve been eating the standard American diet, it’s a near certainty that your gut is overloaded with bad gut flora. These bad flora need to be cleared out before you can nurture the friendly gut microflora that can help you naturally lose weight.

In The Good Gut Diet, you’ll discover ways to clean out the bad, fat-forming gut flora. You’ll get a step-by-step program showing you precisely how to “till the soil” of your garden of life, your gut microbiome.


One serving of sauerkraut could have as many probiotics as an entire bottle of supplement pills!

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Why not just take probiotics?

By now you may be thinking, Okay, I’ve heard some of this before. I know there are microbes in my gut. Don’t I just need to eat some yogurt or take some probiotic supplements to keep my gut healthy?

Not so fast! There’s a lot more to it than that. Taking probiotics if your gut is full of bad flora is like trying to plant a garden by throwing a pack of seeds on a weedy vacant lot. A few sprouts might grow, but it’s a far cry from clearing away the weeds, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering, fertilizing, and cultivating the garden.

That’s why it’s critical to first clear away these bad intestinal “weeds.” It’s the fundamental start to creating your inner “Garden of Eden” that will maximize your health and help you naturally lose weight. With The Good Gut Diet, you’ll clear away the bad gut bugs and create a clean slate where healthy gut flora can be planted.

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Losing weight and getting healthy never tasted so great!

The Good Gut Diet makes it possible to rebalance your gut flora with over 50 delicious, fat-burning, anti-inflammatory, blood glucose–balancing, and gut-microbiome–diversifying recipes. And these easy, spectacular gourmet meals can be made in as little as 15 minutes!

Each recipe you’ll find in The Good Gut Diet is a delicious combination of superfoods. They work with your gut physiology to help you lose fat.

There’s no calorie counting or carb counting, and your whole family will love them!

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